6th Annual Cincy Winter Beerfest – February 15th and 16th 2013

As Cincinnati Beer Week has come to an end we are the beginning of the beer mecca in in the Tri-State area called “Cincy Winter Beerfest” At the Duke Energy Convention Center.   This will be the 6th annual event that continues to grow each and every year with 350+ craft beers and thousands of craft beer fans the flock to the top 10 craft beer festival in the nation.

The amount of people that will take the pilgrimage to the Duke Energy Convention Center this week will amaze you if this is your first time attend an event like this.  What make someone go to an event like this spend their hard earned money?  What makes a person plan months in advance, purchase their tickets, get their buddies together and send 1 to 2 days sampling beer (very good beer though).

I like to answer those questions this way.

  • What makes a college basketball fan pay big money to see their team play in the “Final Four”?
  • What makes a college basketball fan pay big money to see their team play in the “National Championship”?
  • How come you would have a better chance at hitting the Lottery than purchasing a seat to watch you’re your favorite NFL team play in “The Big Game” (sorry due to NFL licensing I cannot use the “S” word)

This can be summed up into one word…. “Passion”!!  Just as fans love to see their team wins the big game it is the Passion behind that love that drives them to want to be part of this moment.

This is the direction we have seen in the Craft Beer movement over the past 5+ years.  Homebrewers and Been Enthusiast have developed a deep passion for Great Craft Beer and will not settle for anything else.   It is the anticipation of being able to go to one place and have over 350+ well-crafted beers at your fingertips.  This is the adult’s candy store and the hours of operation are for 2 days only!!!    The trend on this movement has seen events like the “Great American Beer Festival” in Denver Colorado and the American Homebrewers AssociationNational Homebrew Conference“ basically sells out in less than a day.

We need to be passionate and love the things we enjoy about life.   If this is your passion then by all means embrace it as “Life is not a dress rehearsal”.

I can assure you I will be embracing my passion this weekend enjoying some well-crafted beers with family and good friends.

Please visit http://www.cincybeerfest.com for more information on the 2013 version of the Cincy Winter Beerfest.

Duke Energy Conversion Center   February 15th and 16th

Brew Hard!! Dave’s Dreaded

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