Braxton Brewing Company Introduces their Brew Team!!


Braxton Brewing Company located in Covington Kentucky introduces the Brew Team to the Beer Community!  Throughout the week of January 12, 2015 they introduced to the beer community the individuals helping brew Braxton’s beer. Each day, Braxton will introduce one team member and prompt them with the same discussion topics. Enjoy the behind-the-scenes look at the Braxton Brew Team!

Braxton Brew Team –
Get to Know: Conan Crofoot – Brewer/Cellarman
Get to Know: Mike Roszkowski – Hop Whisperer (Recipe Development/QC)
Get to Know: Dave Dixon – The Godfather (Recipe Development/QC)
Get to Know: Evan Rouse, Head Brewer & Co-Founder
Get to Know: Richard Dube, Head Brewer & Co-Founder

Braxton Brewing Company
Lift one to life!

I am so ready to get beer flowing through our brew house!!

Brew Hard!
Brew Hard
Dave’s Dreaded


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