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NKY Homebrewers Guild March Club Meeting and Brew-out Live on Dave’s Dreaded TV


The NKY Homebrewers Guild club meeting and Brew-out will be streamed LIVE on Dave’s Dreaded TV.  This event is being held at the home of Dave and Josie.

Dave’s Dreaded TV
Watch live video from ddreaded on

Brew Hard!
Dave’s Dreaded

Pre-Cincy Beer Fest kickoff

What happens when a few NKY Homebrewers Guild members get together on Thursday night before Cincy Beer Fest?

Homebrew to sample – good
Excellent craft brews to share – very nice
Playing guitar and singing songs for 2 hours with 7 Guild members – priceless.

Excellent Thursday night to have an unofficial Beer week location just happen.

Great time Guilders!M

Brew Hard!
Dave’s Dreded

NKY Homebrewers Guild Monday night out

A great night with the club members. Christian Moerlein advanced brewing class during Cincy Beer Week. Good education and good beers. Finishing off the night at Keystone in Covington. Great time with Guild Members!

Brew hard!
Dave’s Dreaded

What happens when NKY Homebrewers Guild members just get together to have a few beers?

Well lets see –

  1. Sharing some homebrew
  2. Working on web site
  3. Sharing some homebrew
  4. Playing Guitars
  5. Sharing some homebrew
  6. Play some pool
  7. Some karaoke at 11:30PM
  8. And discussing the Bockfest Parade…. We have a Theme!!!!
  9. Did I mention we shared some homebrew…….

Brew Hard!!

Dave’s Dreaded

The NKY Guilder ready for battle!!!

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