Dave’s Dreaded Defends CMI Oktobersbest Homebrewer of the Year

CMI Comp 2014

Very excited about results of 2014 CMI Oktobersbest Homebrew Competition. Excellent Job my NKY Homebrews Guild for defending Homebrew club of the year.   Very proud of my wife Josanna for her CIDER SWEEP!!!

Dave “Dreaded” Dixon – Results
2014 CMI Oktobersbest Homebrewer of the Year
1st Place 12B Robust Porter – Dreaded Jake Porter
2nd Place  2B Bohemian Pilsner – Dreaded Budvar
2nd Place 18E Belgian Dark Strong – Dreaded Dark Strong
2nd Place 19C American Barleywine – Dreaded American Barleywine
2nd Place 22C Wood-Aged Beer – Dreaded Oak Barleywine

Josanna Dixon – Results
1st Place – 28D Other Speciality Cider or Perry – Bonehead Spiced Cider
2nd Place – 27C French Cider – Bonehead French Cider
3rd Place – 27A Common Cider – Bonehead Common Cider
3rd Place – 22C Wood-aged Beer- Bonehead Oak RIS
HM – 20A Fruit Beer – Bonehead Apricot Wheat

Full Results are posted at – http://maltinfusers.brewcompetition.com/

Brew Hard!
Brew Hard
Dave’s Dreaded

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