How to Bottle your Homebrew Using a Counter-pressure Filler

How to Bottle

In the post from Mike Roszkowski on  “How to enter your first competition” he provided a great outline on how to enter a homebrew competition.  Towards the end of the post Mike comments – If you’re bottling from a keg, use a counter-flow filler or a “Beer-gun” that allows you to purge the bottles with co2—keeps your tasty beers from oxidizing.  Fill your bottles as much as possible so you don’t have a ton of head space to lose your carbonation into.

If you are bottling your beer from a keg there are 3 options you have to get your hand crafted been into those brown bottles.

  1. Picnic Tap
  2. Counter-pressure bottle filler (counter-flow filler)
  3. Beer-gun

All will get the job done but the first options leaves way to many avenues to for PROBLEM.  Now if you are just doing a quick bottle to share with friends later that night or weekend the Picnic Tap is the way to go.  While drinking a few beers with Mike we have had discussion around providing more education on how to bottle you beers from a keg.  I had done this video around Bottling your beer for competition using a counter-pressure bottle filler.  This video walks  you though the steps of using the counter-pressure bottle filler as we prepare for the Bluebonnet Brew-off, British Beer Festival and the AHA Nationals.  Not show in the video is cleaning and sanitizing your bottles ( this will be a video in itself).

In the episode of Dave’s Dreaded TV shows you How to Bottle your homebrew using a Counter-pressure Filler.

I hope you enjoy this video and hope you learn a few tips and tricks on making your bottling easier.   I will be working with Mike Roszkowski on providing a “How to Bottle your Homebrew using a Beer-Gun” and other education videos.

Brew Hard!
Dave’s Dreaded

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