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Please support Roxanne Westendorf for re-election to the AHA Governing Committee.  I have served on the AHA Governing Committee in the past and it was a great experience.  Roxanne has been doing some great thing at the AHA as a representative and I would like to see her have the chance to complete the project she has started and is involved in.

Below are Roxanne’s 3 key areas of focus and her BIO –
– Better serving women & minority home brewers
– Club support
– Members support beyond the conference & competition (e.g., Research & Education Fund).

Roxanne is currently on the AHA Governing Committee and she running for re-election.

“The conference & competition are important, but we already have critical mass of folks working those areas to improve them, and I believe we need to make sure we keep an eye on areas important to the rest of our members, too.”

She has been homebrewing for over 18 years, and has been active in the homebrewing community from the beginning.  As a Past President and member of the Bloatarian Brewing League, she has led and participated in many homebrewing activities as part of the club.  These include leading competitions, doing presentations at meetings, designing a soda scoresheet (for children to use judging soda), coordinating events with other clubs, participating in brewing demonstrations & national homebrew & mead days.  She was part of the organizing committee core team for the 2008 conference in Cincinnati, and also was a presenter in Cincinnati. Roxanne has also strongly encouraged participation from women and minorities in homebrewing – whether as individual brewers or as spouses becoming part of the hobby or feeling at home during club activities.  She has strong relationships with the other homebrew clubs in the Cincinnati area, and work to support their competitions and activities in addition to those of my primary club.  Roxanne is also a BJCP Master judge and she continues to mentor new judges in competitions.  She has strong relationships with our local craft breweries, and work part time in a taproom as a Beer Evangelist – providing beer and brewing education to patrons (while serving them beer).

Roxanne is currently the Secretary of the Governing Committee – which also includes serving on the Executive Committee with our Chair,   Vice Chair and AHA Director.  She is an active member of the Research and Education Fund Committee – coaching submitters as they work their projects.  The REF is one of our new programs to provide more AHA member benefits – and the early results are very encouraging.  Roxanne also Chair the Survey Committee.  In addition collecting information to help improve our events, we work to understand the needs of AHA members so that we can better serve our members and introduce additional benefits.  The REF is an example of a program that came from better understanding the needs of our members.  She also serve on the Conference sub-committee and the Club sub-committee.

Roxanne has been attending the National Homebrew Conference and judging at the NHC first and second round competitions since 2004.  The changes in the AHA, the Conference and the Competition over the past 10 years have been dramatic and present many challenges.  As membership continues to increase, she has been working as part of the GC to improve our events and benefits to better serve the larger membership.  These challenges will not be overcome overnight – and we need to be careful that we don’t make changes that create bigger problems.  There will be some bumps in the road – but we have already made progress with programs like the REF – recognizing that AHA member needs go beyond the conference and competitions.  She would like to continue to be a part of the Governing committee as the evolution of the AHA continues.  Roxanne respectfully ask for your support.

Roxanne Westendorf

Please consider voting for Roxanne for re-election to the AHA Governing Committee elections this year.  Below is the information about this year’s elections.

American Homebrewers Association (AHA) members can now vote in the 2014 AHA Governing Committee election. Voting is open until 11:59 p.m. PT on March 31, 2014.
In this year’s election, 25 candidates are running for eight available seats. AHA members can each submit one ballot, voting for up to eight individual candidates. Please review the election details and candidates statements prior to submitting your vote.

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